Forget cumbersome key rings, inaccurate key logs, and
chasing-down terminated employees for their keys.

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Electronic Access Control is at the heart of physical security, a vital component in properly securing
a facility. It begins with limiting who has access to the facility, at what times, and in which areas. From
there, are many options to meet operational needs that can be tailored to most any budget.


» Electronic Card Access

» Intercom Systems

» Visitor Mgmt. Solutions

» Door Ajar Systems

» Biometric Readers


»Turnstile Access

» Electronic Gate Access

» Smart Keys

» Custom Solutions

Smart electronic access control solutions offer remote accessibility and allow system administrators to maintain and update the system in real time – 24/7/365. Easily add or delete users, create and change schedules, establish or revise security levels, and print detailed activity reports.
Grant or Deny Access Based on Credentials
An ideal addition to any access control solution, a visitor management system provides an additional layer of security in controlling who accesses your facility. Efficiently authenticate visitors as they arrive, or have them pre-register. Quickly scan the visitor’s ID, print a self-expiring visitor badge, or issue an ID card for long-term visitors
Control and streamline your visitor processes for security and convenience

Integrated Access Control Enhanced with an Intercom System

Visitor-Entry Video Intercom systems allow visual and verbal visitor verification before granting them access to your facility. Know who they are and have come to see, if they have an appointment and more. Authenticated visitors know you take security seriously, as it’s part of your security culture. ILS provides state-of-the-art, scalable commercial intercom systems with superior voice and video clarity for effective communication and control across departments/ locations in your facility. Ideal for apartment complexes; education, corporate, and medical campuses; transportation and industrial facilities; hotels, office building and a wide range of commercial installations.