Option 3

Handheld/Compact Solutions

Temperature Measurement & Face Recognition Terminal

Accurate Temperature Measurement

Error of Plus or Minus 0.3ºC

Mask Detection

No need to remove the mask, automatically capture the face for identification.

30,000 Person Face

Support 30,000 local face storage

Easy to install & easy to use

Start scanning in minutes using two tripods and a Windows PC. No special equipment or training required.

Fill-In Light

Built-in fill-in, low light situations applicable

Embedded Systems

Low power consumption, high stability

High Recognition Rate

Face recognition accuracy rate is as high as 99.5%

Two-Eye Recognition

Support two-eye live human face detection

Mobile APP

Visitor management, information push

Backstage Management

Abnormal records, equipment management,
personnel management

Fast Recognition

200ms face recognition

Exclusive Solutions Options: