Video-Centric Monitoring, flexible access control and state-of-the-art video intrusion alarm verification.

Monitoring all systems, all day, every day, 24/7/365

Event-Driven Camera Monitoring

Upon receiving a signal, trained ILS staff verifies and follows client provided SOP to dispatch, call or text a call list, or provide further information including live video, camera snapshots, etc.

Alarm Monitoring

Available 24/7 Burglar Alarm monitoring in a UL Listed central station environment.

Environmental Monitoring

ILS can monitor building sensors including temperature, flame, water, occupancy, and more following client provided SOP’s. Which will then dispatch, a call or text a call list, or provide further info including live video, still shots and more.

Remote Guard Tour

Virtual tours on each shift identify abnormal activity to supplement or replace roving guards. Our trained security staff will visually access each camera 24/7/365 to observe and log suspicious activity or events and take appropriate action; contacting the police, dispatching security or district specified staf

PA Tie-In

ILS can easily tie into a current PA system. We can enable command center operators to speak over the PA in an emergency or on a field or in a building to scare off potential intruders.

Signal Verification

Signal Verification: ILS can verify and monitor signals of all types in real time and automatically dispatch in response to Alarm/Fire signals normally monitored via central station if Supervisory/ Trouble signals are missed.

ILS can verify and monitor signals of all types in real time. In the event that supervisory or trouble signals are missed, ILS automatically dispatches in response to alarm and fire signals, which are normally monitored via central station.

Panic Monitoring

Available 24/7 Panic Alarm monitoring in a UL Listed central station environment.

Fire Monitoring

ILS offers 24/7 Fire Alarm Monitoring in a UL Listed central station environment including daily required tests.

Open/Close Monitoring

ILS can send notifications of opening and closing to a facility based on pre-set schedules, as well as providing fail to open and close reports in the form of notifications and daily or weekly exception reports.

Vital Sign Monitoring “VSM and Dispatch”

All systems connected to an ILS Vital Sign Monitoring and Dispatch system can be monitored in real time. Dispatch takes place automatically in a critical event or a ticket can be created for client approval. We can program the system to work with current vendors, automatically alerting them of a downed system or device.

Nighthawk “All-in-One Security Solution”

The IAC can provide buildings a portable and wireless All-in-One Security Solution known as the NightHawk that comes with a PTZ, two fixed Cameras, a Flood Light, Outdoor Motion Sensor, High Density Microphone and a PA speaker. When activity is detected, the IAC can communicate with the intruder by turning on the flood lights and get them to vacate the property while taking detailed, zoomed-in facial shots and alerting the client according to IAC directives.

Active Door Ajar Monitoring

IAC Active Door Ajar Monitoring checks the status of perimeter doors, and if a violation occurs proceeds with the appropriate SOP. Snapshots or live video from a nearby camera or new digital signage notification capability automates the process because in a crisis every second matters.

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