IntraLogic Solutions offers a variety of security services & solutions to all types of businesses. We stay on top of the ever-changing technology in the security world, to remain current with the latest and greatest products. We work with several manufactures to insure we can offer the proper solution for your specific needs. Our Installation technicians are licensed and qualified to provide the highest level of service.

In today’s tight economy, we understand that security sometimes sits on the back burner. Our sales team will work with you to keep the project within your budget, while ensuring you have the capability for future expansion. The proper implementation of a security system has a tremendous return on investment, and will add value to your bottom line. Some advantages & benefits of implementing a security system include:


» Improve the overall culture of your work place by creating a sense of safety and security for you & your staff
» Increase productivity by establishing a disciplined work environment
» Proactively deter acts of crime in the work place & on company property
» Provide your staff with the tools necessary to gather information and evidence of incidents
» Provide the proper authorities with vital footage and information during a criminal investigation
» Add dollars back to your bottom line by protecting yourself against false insurance claims
» Take your piece of mind anywhere, as you monitor your system from your Smartphone, tablet, or PC