IntraLogic Solution provides a variety of security services & solutions to Educational Institutions across the New York Tri-State Area. We’re conveniently listed on the New York State OGS Contract #PT64345. This allows school districts to purchase goods and services directly from us, without having to go through the time-consuming bid process. With the challenging fiscal struggles New York State School District faces from tight budgets and limited funding, we understand that security falls on the list of educational priorities. Our sales team has found ways to offer School Districts affordable solutions to meet their needs. We’ve saved school districts thousands through grant opportunities, BOCES funding programs, and by offering reasonable & affordable support contracts.

The proper implementation of a security system has a tremendous return on investment. Some advantages & benefits of implementing a security system include:



» Improve the overall culture of your facilities by creating a sense of safety and security for your students
» Decrease incidents by establishing a disciplined educational environment
» Proactively deter acts of crime on school property
» Provide your staff with the tools necessary to gather information and evidence of incidents
» Provide the proper authorities with vital footage and information during a criminal investigation
» Protect your School District against false insurance claims
» Take your piece of mind anywhere, as you monitor your system from your Smartphone, tablet, or PC