Intrusion Alarm Systems are an essential part of a complete security system.

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Traditionally implemented to detect unauthorized intruders and forced entries, with simple door contacts and motion detectors IntraLogic Solutions takes it further with additional components. The latest additions include environmental sensors, panic alarms, beam detection, vibration sensors, and glass break detection. A Fire Alarm system is vital to safety.


ILS will design, implement, and install a fire alarm system to ensure every NFPA, state, and local municipal regulation is satisfied. Our engineers will recommend device types and locations from a wide range of panel manufacturers, and available central station monitoring alerts you when an alarm is triggered, all at a very competitive price. We’ll work with the local fire marshal to coordinate and establish the right relationship to avoid delays when it’s time to open your building

Provide a safe environment for employees, students,
and customers.

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There may be no way to avoid the occasional angry or unstable customer, disgruntled employee, parent, violent intruder or disturbed individual, but the installation of a panic system is a great way to mitigate the danger and prepare for it. Wired and wireless solutions from IntraLogic Solutions offer efficient and affordable options, and in many cases leverage existing technology as ready initiating devices.