Swift decisive action when lives are at stake and every second matters.

one button lock down

Initiate a customized series of planned, coordinated and executed actions to notify and send help. Also to communicate with your community in an orderly, efficient fashion to decrease the level of panic, confusion or delay, from numerous devices.

How to initiate an Emergency Notification

Wall Mounted Emergency Button
Mobile Device
Wired or Wireless Panic
IP Phone Hot Key
Computer Keyboard
ILS VMS Software
iPad or Tablet

» Police are contacted with critical information; location and cause
» All perimeter doors are secured, card and electronic access disabled
» Strobe lights flash on exterior entrance doors warning people away
» The door ajar notification system checks doors and notifies staff
» Automatic trigger of pre-recorded lock down message over the PA-Radio Systems
» The customizable LockDown message is displayed on all computer screens
» IP phones display the LockDown message and play an audible LockDown Message
» Integrated 3rd Party alerts parents and students off campus by email, text, and phone



What Activates during a LockDown or Emergency Notification

Police Notification
Mass Notification
Computer Screen Notification
Door Ajar Notification
Lock Classroom Doors
Strobe Light
IP Phone Notifications
Disable Card Access
PA Announcement
Website Notification
Digital Signage Notification

One-Button LockDown does it all; it is fully compatible with existing card access and security camera systems, and can easily be added or integrated as an upgrade to almost any existing security system. The nature of a crisis may be impossible to predict, but you can prepare for it with a broad range of options allowing for a comprehensive LockDown. It can be initiated from a variety of devices such as: iPad, a Smartphone, a click of a mouse, a hard-wired panic button or an IP telephone system and more.