Below you will find a list of some of the various partners and affiliates that we have strategically aligned ourselves with throughout all of our years of business. We choose our partners and affiliates based upon their reputations in their respective industries, their importance to their industry or community, as well as there overall commitment to product and service quality, and of course, general customer service. If you would like to learn more about any of our partners and affiliates, please visit them at their websites or feel free to contact us here as ILS to ask any further questions.


Rave creates innovative data and communication software that public safety agencies trust to help them
save lives. Rave Mobile Safety’s mission is to create innovative data and communication software that public safety agencies trust to help them save lives. Rave connects millions to those they trust to protect them, by providing safety officials with innovative tools to prepare better, respond faster, and communicate more effectively during emergencies.


Safety and Security: The Optimal Solution. From a panic button in a school office to a fully coordinated response. Easily share voice, video and data for cross-agency collaboration. With Mutualink’s interoperability system, you can connect with partner agencies in real time to quickly resolve incidents.
Public safety agencies and critical infrastructure organizations need radio interoperability. Yet, our solution goes beyond radio interoperability to provide LMR to LTE, real-time video, geospatial information and data sharing capabilities.


Core is a customer-centric technology consulting organization dedicated to transforming IT experiences and delivering value to clients. For more than 30 years Core has been dedicated to helping the communities that we serve. We believe that we can leverage our unique services on behalf of our clients as well as members of the community. By making giving back an integral part of our technologies, products, and solutions we can all take a part in improving the planet.


As an innovative leader in GPS fleet management with more than two decades of experience, VEHICLE TRACKING SOLUTIONS offers an unparalleled combination of superior technology and comprehensive knowledge. Our state-of-the-art SILENT PASSENGER® software is incredibly powerful yet easy to use...putting vital data about your fleet literally at your fingertips.


The educational landscape is changing fast. Here at School Source Technologies we take an integrated, systems approach to education in an effort to enhance the experience of students, teachers and administration. The use of technology in the K-12 market has been increasing exponentially. We understand the importance of bridging the gap between traditional educational practices and today’s high speed environment. With all the different moving parts in the school systems, we understand how complex this task can be. That’s why we’ve done the work for you! We’ve done the research and developed a partnering program that creates solutions specifically designed for your district’s needs.


When dealing with Audio Visual and Security Installations, Advance Sound Company is your source for systems integration. Though our name says sound, that's not all we do, and Advance Sound Company prides itself on quality integration ranging from Audio Visual Systems to Video Conferencing and everything in between.


Custom provides a broad suite of technology solutions, including design and engineering, security, cloud, procurement, onsite staffing, and managed services Right People Right Results is not just our tag line – it is our obsession. It drives our behavior, our culture and our work.  It’s why technology leaders continue to trust Custom Computer Specialists with their most important asset – their reputation.


Pivot3 delivers smarter infrastructure solutions that provide maximum resource utilization, deliver high availability with performance, and guarantee performance to the applications that matter most.

Today, Pivot3 has more than 2,000 customers in 53 countries and has successfully deployed over 16,000 mission- and business-critical appliances in multiple industries such as video surveillance, health care, government, transportation, education, gaming, entertainment and retail.


The men and women of Boyce Technologies, Inc. (“BTI”) ride the subway. We ride it to work, we ride it home, we ride it on the weekends. We know exactly how important it is to have easily identifiable, reliable, and easy to use security and communications equipment in the mass transit market. We make products that connect people to the help they need. Because we’ve been there, we are here.


Giant Gray is an industry leader in machine learning and the creator of Graydient, the first Cognitive Neurolinguistics AI System.
This multi-sensor, data-fusion software platform leverages machine learning to autonomously learn the normal patterns of behaviors at extreme scale to identify anomalies or potential system threats in real time. Our focused applications enable solutions for Video Analytics, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Cyber Security, and other sensory data types.