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Security threats today are increasingly real and the consequences of inaction are potentially horrific. At ILS we don’t just talk about it – we take action that puts people before profit. Beginning with providing you the information needed to make the right decisions to thoughtfully and confidently develop the optimal policies to protect lives and property.

Our highest priority is the protection of your facility and the safety of your community, and to do it, we conduct a thorough review and walk-through to evaluate areas for electronic and physical security. Our findings serve as the sound foundation for defined operating procedures. The TTVA is offered free; there are no strings or obligations. It’s the right thing to do and our commitment is to spend the time to ask all the right questions of key administrators and members of your team. We’re dedicated to giving you confidence of being fully compliant with best practices, and with peace of mind that your facility is protected and your community is safe and secure.

IntraLogic Systems TTVAs have five essential components:

» Extensive examination of your current infrastructure

» Interior and Exterior walk-throughs

» Thorough review of security policies and procedures.

» Interviews with key organization and facility personnel.

» Evaluation of existing electronic and physical security.

You’ll receive a detailed report to review and see the results clearly
documented with our complete findings, including pictures, specific
examples, and recommendations. All done at no cost or obligation.

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