Video Surveillance

ILS can help you monitor transportation staff and prevent theft or crime by providing a complete CCTV & Surveillance System. This includes video management and analytics, we also have expertise in mobile wireless video for bus applications.

Access Control & Perimeter Detection

ILS can provide you with an advanced access control and perimeter detection system to manage the flow of people and restrict access throughout your building. We also provide elevator control systems, physical and optical turnstiles, and parking and vehicle management. These systems can be integrated into security operations centers to facilitate command and control.

Mass Notification Systems

ILS can provide mass notification systems, which is an integral part of both emergency and non-emergency communications. Mass notification can help minimize loss of human life and give up-to-the-moment information to increase safety. We can also provide emergency RF communications for first responders in tunnels and other coverage-challenged locations.

Fire & Life Safety

ILS can provide cost-effective fire protection solutions, such as fire alarms, voice evacuation, mass notification systems, and pre-action detection.

Maintain Your System & Minimize Risk

ILS offers customized maintenance and service contracts that will keep your security system up and running at all times and minimize the risk of equipment being out of service. All of these can be integrated into a single, seamless system that can increase your building's security while reducing the cost to implement and maintain it.

Comply with Standards & Regulations

ILS has the expertise to ensure that your security system and processes meet standards and regulations.